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Poor employee engagement is connected to high turnover of employees which has a very high cost of up to 75% of annual salary. 

The TenaCiTi Programme introduces the business owner to good HR practice, assisting them to understand it as a strategic process, essential to the sustainable growth of any business. HR consultants work with the business owner over a period of six months to establish key HR processes such as performance management.

The programme takes a promising recruit in the business and develops their confidence, ability to communicate and manage their time and productivity. This makes them a more valuable team member.  Through one on one coaching and relevant skills training, each recruit is developed over the seven month period.

These two streams of development come together in a unique way to quip the business to thrive.

Who can apply:

This programme is for a growing technology business that has been around for a couple of years and has proven their products and services are viable, their team is growing fast but they don’t have key performance processes in place and this is starting to be expensive, but they cannot afford a full time HR person yet. The business owner is working at the edge of his or her ability to manage everyone and now needs systems and processes to help their team be more productive. They are ready for the strategic push that HR can give their business…

Key results of the programme?

Business owners found they were engaging more productively with their employees and that overall communication had improved. HR structures are better supporting their bottom line.

Recruits reported increased confidence, better time management and planning and improved communication at work with colleagues and their employer.

What HR support is offered to the business owner?

Each business is trained and developed through a comprehensive HR consulting process including all the key elements that are crucial to small business success. Business owners and recruits work together and separately with the HR consultants to develop internal processes and strategies appropriate for their growing business.

How does the one-on-one coaching work? 

Each recruit spends an hour a month with a coach who assists them to integrate and implement what they are learning in the skills workshops. It gives the recruit an opportunity to reflect on their career development plan for success. They get to practice constructive problem solving and learn to ask good questions.

Where will the programme deliverables happen?

At the Bandwidth Barn and some meetings with the business owner will happen at the company premises.

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