Where do I believe this can go and what do I think it needs to succeed?

This programme has the possibility of assisting small businesses to be more competitive, more sustainable and reduce expensive job churn in the market.  Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. Engaged employees are 20% more productive. They are more innovative, pro-active and absent less.

Companies with better HR processes will have less job turnover, which reduces their cost of hiring and firing people. Good HR processes increase the likelihood of hiring the right people for the right job. This increases productivity and the chances of success.

Small companies cannot afford HR consultants and most business owners do not have, or even understand the HR skill set. This programme is a gamechanger for them, it massively reduces the risk of failure.

Programme details:

Target market – growth companies 5-30 people, too small to have their own HR person, but big enough to have all the headaches. Each company  and one of their key employees is taken through a strategic HR process, skills development process with coaching and peer groups. These activities support:

  • Development of key HR processes in company – performance management, recruitment, etc
  • Development of a key young person in the business – skills training and coaching

This takes place over a period of 6 months with 10-15 companies.

Key results:

Business owner: Employees are more engaged, performance management increases productivity, improved communication and leadership development.

Young person: improved confidence, improved communication skills, improved planning and time management.